Nijhum Dwip

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Nijhum Dwip is previously known as Char Osmani, Baluar Char, Golden Island, etc. which is located at Hatiya Upazila in Noakhali District Bangladesh. It is a little island occupying 164 Square kilometers, is a great tourist attraction in Bangladesh. It is surrounded by Bay of Bengal and Meghna River. Nijhum Dwip is a cluster of Islands. With the combination of Ballar Char, Kamlar Char, Char Osman and Char Muriform the Nijhum Island. Recently the government of Bangladesh declares this island as Nijhum Dwip National Park.

Nijhum Dwip Location & Geographical Description

It is mentioned earlier that Nijhum Dwip is encircled with the Bay of Bengal and Meghna Channel. It is two kilometers south-east from the Hatia upazilla and 120 kilometers south of Maijdee bazaar, Noakhali. Which According to the Google, Nijhum Dwip map Longitude and latitude are 21°35′0″N and 92°01′0″E respectively? This is 4-5 meter high from the sea level.

History of Nijhum Island

To find out the real history of this island we have talked with the local people living there. According to their information, More than 100 years ago, a fisherman of Bay of Bengal find this island but at that time, it was the primary stage which is under water. Time has been passed. Golden color sand forms this island. At that point, it was known as Golden Island. It was also known to all as Baluarchar.

A Cowboy named Osman first build his house on this island. From that time, it was known as Char Osman. A Member of Parliament of Bangladesh changed this island’s name from Char Osman to Nijhum Dweep later. After 1970 people started to set up their houses on this island.

Weather of Nijhum Dwip

The Climate of Nijhum Dwip almost remains the same around the year. The average Highest temperature of this island is around 32 degree Celsius, and the lowest is about 14 degree Celsius. During the rainy season, half of this island goes under water.

People of Nijhum Dwip

About 10000 people live there. Most of them are fishermen and some of them make their living by cultivating different kinds of agricultural product. There are six Bazaars which full filled the necessity of daily things and only the source of electricity. Two primary schools, 2 Madrasha, ten canals, 5.5 kilometers road and numerous ponds are available here.

Tourist Guide for Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip is one of the tourist attractions of Bangladesh. Some people think that. After Sundorban Nijhum Dwip is the biggest Mangrove forest in Bangladesh. A great natural view, wild animals, birds, different kinds of flora and fauna surely make your mind filled with joy.

How to go Nijhum Dwip from Dhaka

From Dhaka Sadarghat regular steamer services are available to Hatia. MV Farhan, MV Tipu, etc. provide quite good services. It will cost 130 for standard deck rent to 1500. After reaching Tamruddin Ghat, there are two ways to reach Nijhum Island. You may choose a boat which approximate cost is about 2000 taka, or you may go by Baby Taxi which cost 400 takas. By baby taxis, you will reach Mortara Ghat. After crossing the river by boat which takes only 3-4 minute, you will reach Nijhum Dwip, your final destination.

How to go Nijhum Dwip from Maijdee Noakhali

If you want to go from our guest house we will arrange everything to travel Nijhum Dwip.

Nijhum Dwip Hotels

Only one hotel named Hotel Abakash is available there which cost 500-2500 taka. You may choose to board. But they are not good at all. Recently there are some resorts are made near Nijhum Dwip.